Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In the end, Mr. Treliving held onto his wallet!

Prince Rupert's Inland Air had their moment in the national spotlight on Tuesday night, the local seaplane company was one of the two featured businesses examined on the CBC's Big Decision.

Bruce MacDonald and his team had approached Big Decision host Jim Treliving seeking advice and perhaps a bit of financial support for an ambitious re-branding of the local airline to seek out opportunity in the tourism sector.

Inland Air was showcased along with an Edmonton sporting goods store in the Tuesday edition.  Both businesses were examined by Treliving for their business plan, future focus and offered up a number of suggestions to remake their business.

In the case of Inland Air, they were put in contact with a marketing team in Vancouver which helped to recreate the image of the airline, with a new focus on the tourism sector.

It was all part of a process that then brought both business back to Mr. Treliving for the Big Decision.

As things turned out for both featured businesses on the night, Mr. Treliving held onto his wallet, deciding that neither of the two ventures were where he wished to insert his venture capital at this time.

Though he did have good things to say both of the night's participants, in particular he was impressed with the progress that Inland Air had made on their application and offered up the thought that he believed that they were on the right path.

And while they are no doubt a little disappointed that the cheque won't be in the mail from the financial guru, the local airline did receive some valuable exposure on national television, as well as a remake of their image and presentation.

Re-branded as Spirit Wind Airways and with at least one catchy marketing slogan of "Catch the Spirit". 

Beyond the chance to review their business plan, refocus on the future and seek out advice from a number of resources, the Airline now has a new presence on the Internet which should resonate in the tourism sector as they approach the 2013 season.

You can review the Tuesday night show online at the Big Decision Website, Tuesday's show was Episode Five of the season.

The website also features a number of other items about the show and the participants through the season.

The appearance of MacDonald and his team was a much anticipated event on the North Coast some of the previews of their time in the spotlight can be found below.

The Northern View-- Prince Rupert business Inland Air does not receive funding from CBC Series the BIG Decision
The Northern View-- Prince Rupert business Inland Air will be featured on CBC's The BIG Decision tonight
CFTK TV-- Rupert Inland Air (video)
CBC Daybreak North-- Prince Rupert business owner tries his luck on CBC's The Big Decision (audio)
The Northern View-- Inland Air owner Bruce MacDonald waiting to hear what the BIG Decision is
The Northern View-- Prince Rupert business Inland Air will be featured on the BIG Decision

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