Thursday, November 8, 2012

Convoys of containers through downtown could be a thing of the past as soon as 2014

As anyone driving through the downtown core between 7 am and 5 pm these days can attest, at times you can start to feel as though you are but a bit player in a Smokey and the Bandit movie. Wandering along 2nd Avenue West as streams of convoys of containers make their way through the middle of the city towards the Fairview Container Terminal.

However, that nerve wracking transit may soon be a thing of the past, as plans are in the development phase now for a transportation corridor from Fairview to Ridley Island that will go west rather than east.

As part of Wednesday's announcement from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, approval was given for the development of the Canpotex Potash Terminal and The Ridley Island rail, road and utilities corridor.

And while the Potash Terminal will be developed on a timetable still to be determined by Canpotex, the rail, road and utility corridor is a definite go and the Port of Prince Rupert has plans to get that work underway shortly.

The Estimated Completion Date is 2014 for the projected that is estimated to be a 90 million dollar investment into the local transportation infrastructure.

A portion of which is to be funded by both the Federal and the Provincial Government, Premier Christy Clark was part of a gathering one year ago that first outlined the scope of the project, providing another key element to the Port of Prince Rupert's growth.

One year later, that project is set to get the shovels in the ground and on the way to development.

Prince Rupert Port Authority's Comprehensive Study Report

CFTK-- Canpotex an Corridor Projects Approved
The Northern View-- Federal Environment Minister gives Canpotex the green light

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