Wednesday, November 21, 2012

C is for candidate, which Ms. Larson will be

The race to perhaps take Gary Coon's seat at the Legislature in the Spring now has a new name offered up for consideration, as Prince Rupert and District Teacher's Union head Joanna Larson put forward her name as a potential standard bearer for the NDP on the North Coast.

Ms. Larson announced her candidacy on Tuesday, outlining her 20 years of service in both the labour movement and the community as the foundation for her bid for the NDP nomination.

She is currently on her fourth term as PRDTU President and is in her second term on the executive of the BC Teacher's Federation.

Hers is the first official candidacy for the departing Mr. Coons position at the Legislature, City Councillor Jennifer Rice had previously been tagged as a potential candidate, but so far no official announcement has been made by the Councillor as to her future political ambitions.

If she does make the leap from municipal to provincial politics, it will offer up an interesting debate within the local NDP.

Ms. Rice being more from the environmental side of the NDP ledger, while Ms. Larson has already gained her bona fides in the labour movement on the local scene.

With Mr. Coons retiring from provincial politics after two terms in office, the nomination on the North Coast may be a much coveted thing, for the most part the North Coast has traditionally been a relatively safe seat for the NDP.

The Liberal Party of BC and other provincial parties have yet to announce any candidates for the North Coast riding for the election in the Spring of 2013.

For those looking for more information on possible platform positions for the potential candidate, Ms. Larson maintains a twitter page, which offers up a bit of a glimpse in her political thoughts.

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