Friday, November 16, 2012

School District 52 approves funding for special needs transportation

School District 52 held its monthly Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, November 13th, a session which examined a number of items of note for the school system and provided some funding for a replacement vehicle for special needs students.

The replacement bus was made possible owing to the approval of a capital bylaw which will allow the School District to receive 70,639 dollars towards the coast of the replacement bus, it's arrival is anticipated for November.

Other discussion points from the Tuesday meeting included the approval of a scholarship committee for the district, included on the committee will be the principals of CHSS and Pacific Coast School as well as a trustee, together they will determine the winners of provincially funded scholarships for students in Fine Arts, Applies Skills, Physical Activity, Second Languages, Community Service and Technical and Trades Trading. As part of the selection criteria, input from classroom teachers will be an important factor in the process.

The Board of Education also has plans to consider changes to the times and places for Board meetings, as well as searching for other ways of reaching out to students and staff. The Board directed its staff to consult with a variety of stakeholder groups on the issue.

The Board also reminds residents and parents of the election of officers on December 4th, the next Regular Board meeting is scheduled for December 11th.

A review of the meeting can be found from a press release from the School District.

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