Thursday, July 10, 2014

A welcome forecast of SUN for the North Coast!!

Attention retailers of Prince Rupert!

Prepare for a run on painting, deck and gardening supplies over the next seven days. As local residents play catch up on all of those outdoor projects that have been delayed over the last two months.

After a fairly long stretch of grey skies, mist and rain, it appears that Summer North Coast style is finally about to be delivered to the region.

Offering up the opportunity for many a snapshot from local and visitor alike that highlights the natural elements of the region that always look so impressive with the full light of the sun.

Both the Weather Network Forecasters and those at Environment Canada appear to be in sync, with a week long forecast of sunshine and comfortable daytime temperatures for us.

And while we won't be tempting the heights of an Okanagan summer, the daytime highs in the upper teens will no doubt be welcome for many a soggy North Coast resident.

How long will our high pressure moment last?

Well for the short term, it's safe to say that the future's so bright, you're gonna need shades!

We're not going to tempt the fates and look any further ahead than what the two weather services provide for. In due time, we imagine that the more familiar patterns will return, so we'll just enjoy what we have ahead for now.

You can check the daily forecasts from both Environment Canada and The Weather Network at your leisure, with much to enjoy until Thursday if all holds course.

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