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Prince Rupert Crime Stats improving, while Terrace spikes upwards

The latest review of the Crime Severity Information has been released by Statistics Canada and for the Prince Rupert detachment of the RCMP, the most recent numbers appear to indicate that the efforts of local members of the Force have found some success.

Of the four largest communities of the Northwest, the North Coast still has its issues to deal with, but progress has been made in reducing the impact of crime on the community.

Continuing a trend that has seen the numbers drop from 2009 when Prince Rupert's Severity Index ranking hit 209.

However while progress has been made, there is still much work to be done when it comes to Prince Rupert's placement on the Crime Severity Index.

Prince Rupert continues to remain on the high side compared to other communities in the region, though for now, we no longer lead the Northwest rankings.

Terrace, is now the community that stands out from the numbers of the most recent Stats Canada review.

That community has seen an increase in a number of categories and at the moment  would be the community with the most troublesome ranking of the region, with its Violent Crime Index even higher than that of Prince George in the Central Interior.

Those numbers place the Northwest city within the top 10 of Canadian communities that are dealing with both Violent Crime and Overall Crime Severity on a per capita basis.

For the Northwest the Index numbers look like this:

Crime Severity Index (all figures for municipal forces)

Terrace              153 (2013)   141 (2012)
Prince Rupert    143 (2013)   167 (2012)
Smithers            135 (2013)    113  (2012)
Kitimat                90 (2013)    97  (2012)

Violent Crime Severity Index

Terrace               174 (2013)  126 (2012)
Prince Rupert     155 (2013)  179 (2012)
Smithers              135 (2013)  119 (2012)
Kitimat                 90 (2013)    97 (2012)

Those numbers have provided for almost a 14 percent reduction on the Crime Severity Index recorded in Prince Rupert between 2013 and 2012.

When it comes to the Violent Crime Severity Index, Prince Rupert once again saw an impressive reduction in crimes of violence, compared to recent years of statistical review.

That however is not the situation for Terrace, which not only tops the listings for the Northwest, but for this year at least, sits among the upper levels for both BC and Canada.

The Breakdown for each Northwest Community can be found below:

Crime Severity 2013-- 153
Violent Crime Severity 2013-- 174 

Prince Rupert

Crime Severity 2013-- 143
Violent Crime Severity 2013-- 155 


Crime Severity 2013-- 153
Violent Crime Severity 2013-- 135 


Crime Severity 2013-- 90
Violent Crime Severity 2013-- 90

Data for the Prince Rupert Rural District was not available for the review.

When it comes to they range of crimes that affect Prince Rupert residents the statistics provide for a thorough review of the incidents recorded in the last year.

There were 3,050 incidents recorded in the last year, compared to the 2012 numbers of 3,615.

Of the recorded incidents, Criminal Code Violations totalled 2,761 while Violent Criminal Code incidents were noted at 482.

You can review the individual breakdown by crime Table  252-0081 found at the bottom of this item.

In 2013 377 adults were charged, while 48 youth were charged for offences in the last year.

Making for a total of 425 persons charged with offences in the 2013 survey year.

A further 178 youth were not charged in the last year, which marks an increase in that category from the 2012 number of 151.

As mentioned, British Columbia continues to find itself as a focus point when it comes to the statistical review of crime across Canada. With cities in both the Central Interior and Northern BC making up five of the the top twelve communities in Canada listed for Crime Severity in Canada.

In recent years, the communities of Quesnel, Williams Lake and Prince George have been ranked near the top of the Crime Severity Index, and that is a trend that continued in 2013.

With Williams Lake marked as the British Columbia community that seems to be the one requiring the most attention.

Crime Severity Overall (municipal forces only)

Williams Lake        216 (2013)   238 (2012)
Quesnel                  189 (2013)   216 (2012)
Terrace                   153 (2013)   141 (2012)
Prince Rupert         143 (2013)   167 (2012)
Prince George        137 (2013)  150 (2012)

Violent Crime Index (municipal forces only)

Williams Lake      223 (2013)  269 (2012)
Quesnel                203 (2013)  244 (2012)
Terrace                 174 (2013)  126 (2012)
Prince Rupert       155 (2013)  179 (2012)
Prince George      148 (2013)  166 (2012)

The breakdown for the entire province in the two categories can be found below, you can select the community of interest to you, by using the add/remove data button which will then sort the data

Incident based crime statistics for British Columbia (Table 252-0081)

Crime Severity Index for British Columbia (Table 252-0089)

The full Review of statistics and observations can be found here

Media attention to the annual review of statistics can be found below, we will add to the file as more items become available:

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