Friday, July 18, 2014

Imperial Oil sets July 24th for Public Presentation on Tuck Inlet LNG proposal

Mark Thursday, July 24th on your calendars and electronic devices, that's the date that Imperial Oil and Exxon-Mobil has chosen to outline the scope of their proposed LNG Terminal development for the east side of Tuck Inlet, providing for the first public overview of the project for Prince Rupert residents

As we outlined on the blog last week, City Council already received a thumb nail sketch of the project, when Imperial Oil officials provided a short overview to Council at last week's regular council session.

During their presentation to Council, officials from the energy group highlighted their plan to provide for the Community Information Session, offering up the prospect of more technical information for community residents who may have questions regarding the project.

That public information session should also be of interest to Mayor Mussallem and the six Council Members.  Council will soon launch their review of the zoning issue and then vote on the zoning provisions for the  parcel of land in Lot 444 that has been proposed for the development.

Last Monday's Council session offered a fair amount of back and forth on the topic of the Lot 444 zoning issues, despite the fact that three of the council members were absent from the night's proceedings, you can review the Lot 444 discussion here.

The upcoming public session will also provide the opportunity for local residents and Imperial Oil/Exxon-Mobil explore more of the proposed plans.  As well local residents can offer up some feedback and guidance to the companies, with suggestions as to how the community wishes to be engaged as the project moves forward.

The Community Information Session will take place from 5 to 8 PM at the North Coast Convention Centre on 1st Avenue West, which is part of the Chances Gaming Centre complex.

Residents who may wish to learn more about the Information Session can contact Imperial Oil toll free at 1-855-338-9931

We have more information of interest regarding the Tuck Inlet LNG project available on our LNG Archive page.

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