Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beedie School of Business turns focus to Northwestern British Columbia

The growth of the Northwest and Prince Rupert's placement as a major trading centre has caught the attention of the acclaimed Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University and from that attention comes a fascinating new program opportunity from SFU.

On Wednesday, officials from the Beedie School of Business will be holding an information session at Northwest Community College, outlining the background to their Executive MBA program for Northwestern British Columbia.

The program, which will be run in collaboration with Northwest Community College is designed to provide Prince Rupert residents with the opportunity to possess the advanced business skills that are required to  benefit from the increasing level of investment in the

The program follows the success of similar and popular offering in Kitimat, which was provided in partnership with Alcan and other community organizations.

Through the remainder of 2014 the Beedie School of Business will be assessing the level of interest in the communities of the Northwest, with the intention of starting the program in April of 2015.

Towards that goal, the school will be working with progressive employers in the region who see the need to help their employees grow into the new opportunities that are arriving with their organizations.

As well, the MBA program will be available to individuals, who wish to expand their knowledge through their individual study.

The school is seeking to establish an awards program that would help offset the cost of the program for those who may be well qualified, but lack the financial support of their employers.

Before the program gets off the proposal board however comes the information sessions.

The first of which takes place on Wednesday evening at the Prince Rupert campus of Northwest Community College. 

The  Overview presentation and Question and Answer session starts at 5:30.

To contact the Beedie School of Business for more information on the session call 778-782-9698,  or RSVP by email at embanorthern-inquiry@sfu.ca

To learn more about what the Executive MBA Northwestern BC program is all about see this background page from the SFU's Beedie School of Business website.

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