Friday, July 18, 2014

North Pacific Cannery Historical Site launches a YouTube channel to share Cannery life stories

The experiences of the North Pacific Cannery Historic site are expanding to the Internet, with the launch of a  collection of short video presentations for the Historic Site's You Tube channel.

The short moments in time offer up a collection of stories of the past, featuring the recollections of those who once worked at the Port Edward cannery during the days when it was an active part of the North Coast Fishing industry.

The video vignettes first started to show up last week  on the You Tube page for the Historic Site.

The first two snapshots of Cannery life, featured Ian Shopland and Ron Kadowaki, providing a look at the topic of growing up at the Port Eeward site.

Two more submissions were uploaded in recent days, as Victor Mowatt  delivered a short review of  his work experiences at North Pacific, as well as a brief look at some of the traditions and culture of the Gitxsan First Nation.

The videos help to provide for a fascinating multi media experience for both residents of the region and those that are visiting the North Coast.

The presentations offer up the opportunity learn more about the importance of the Cannery to life to the region and bring to life some of the background to the many exhibits that visitors explore when they make the trip to the site.

For those from afar that may be thinking of a trip to the North Coast in the future, the video channel will also provide a bit of a preview of what  they may find when they arrive at North Pacific.

For locals, the stories offer up very entertaining lessons on a part of our history that helped to shape the region over the last 100 years.

A link to the video work in progress from the North Pacific You Tube channel can be found here.

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