Monday, July 7, 2014

LNG Terminals once again on the agenda for Prince Rupert Council

Prince Rupert City Council will continue on with their tutorials on all things LNG this evening, with two presentations involving proposed LNG development in the region.

The first review will come from Dr. Barb Faggetter, a Prince Rupert based Oceanographer and biologist who will speak to her findings related to development along areas adjacent to the proposed PacificNorthwest LNG site on Lelu Island.

In recent months Dr. Faggetter has held a number of public information sessions in the region regarding Flora Banks and the Pacific Northwest LNG plans for the area.

She has also provided a pair of reports on the Flora Banks and Skeena Estuary.

Flora Bank Eelgrass Survey
Skeena River Estuary Juvenile Salmon Habitat

The topic of Flora Banks has been one of much interest for such groups as  Save Our Skeena Salmon, the Skeena Wild Conservation TrustUFAWU/Unifor, the T Buck Suzuki Foundation and the Prince Rupert Environmental Society.

All of which have made frequent mention of the work of Dr. Faggetter's on the subject.

Through the year, Councillor Thorkelson has also made mention of her work in past council sessions and urging council members to learn more about the topic.

With Dr. Faggetter's appearance of tonight, Council can follow up on that suggestion. A review which will add to the volume of work that this Council has taken on regarding the Petronas development in recent months.

More background on the Pacific Northwest LNG project can be found here.

The second presentation to Council on Monday will be an information update on the prospect of LNG development across from Seal Cove and along the east shoreline that leads further north towards Tuck Inlet.

Prince Rupert Council recently put in motion the process to potentially sell a parcel of land from Lot 444, which the City recently brought inside the municipal boundaries.

The result of the sale of that parcel could provide for the development of an LNG terminal across from Seal Cove.  At the time of Council's work on that process it was announced that Imperial Oil/Exxon/Mobil had expressed an interest in that location for their LNG Export Terminal  for the North Coast.

Tonight offers up the opportunity to hear the first public comments on that proposal from Imperial Oil.

Mr. Scott Pinhey, described on tonight's Agenda as the Opportunity Manager for Imperial Oil, will offer up some background on the West Coast LNG Opportunity and how Prince Rupert may fit into their project planning.

Imperial/Exxon/Mobil has already begun the process of seeking approval for the Export of LNG for their WCC LNG venture.

You can review our previous items on the Tuck Inlet LNG proposal here.

Prince Rupert City Council sessions are available for viewing through CityWest cable 10 or by way of the City's website.

Tonight's council session starts at 7 PM.

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