Monday, July 21, 2014

Woodside seeks export permit for proposed LNG terminal at Grassy Point

Add Australia's Woodside Energy to the list of those actively moving forward their plans for an LNG presence on the North Coast.

According to the National Post, Woodside made its application to the National Energy Board on Friday, seeking permission to export 20 million tonnes of LNG for a period of 25 years from their proposed terminal location at Grassy Point.

Natural Gas Development Minister Rich Coleman was quick to highlight the development as yet another milestone in LNG development in the province and today offered up comments as to what Woodside brings to the province when it comes to the province's LNG strategy.

“This is a company with experience operating natural gas projects around the world, and they have chosen British Columbia to invest in tomorrow’s energy potential. 

 “We look forward to working with Woodside to create jobs and economic prosperity in our province as part of a sole proponent agreement signed last year.”

As of today, the full filing has not yet been added to the inventory of listings at the National Energy Board.

When the Woodside filing is updated the listing will provide a short term blue print as to the process ahead for the Woodside application.

We have more on the background to the Woodside proposal for Grassy Point available on our archive page.

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