Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Province provides Electoral primer for would be candidates in fall municipal elections

As talk starts to heat up in Prince Rupert about this falls Municipal Election campaign, a timely bit of research material was released by the Province of British Columbia on Tuesday.

A tweet to the province's twitter feed outlined a one stop home page for items of interest for the 2014 Local elections.

A location where a wide range of material on the workings of municipal government and the path to seek elected office can be found.

Included in the package is a General Information Voters Guide on the process as well as a number of links that provide an opportunity to research such items of interest as the Community Charter, Local Government Act, Financial Disclosure Act, Local Elections Campaign Financing Act among the offerings.

Of particular interest for would be candidates are a number of links to information files on the following:

Local Elections in B. C.: What every Candidate Needs to Know
Candidate's Guide to Local Government Elections in B. C.
Elector Organization Guide to Local Government Elections in B. C.
Guide to Supporting a Candidate for Local Government Elections in B. C.

To refresh your memory on the last time we went to the Municipal polls for a full Council election, the Province has provided some archival information on the results from 2011.

As for the 2014 campaign, to date in Prince Rupert, there are only two candidates declared for the fall election.

Mayor Jack Mussallem announced his intention to seek re-election in early May and Mayoralty challenger Lee Brain outlined his quest in June, seeking to add his voice to municipal politics with his campaign for the Mayor's chair.

Our archive of items on the fall campaign can be found here, to be updated as required through summer.

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