Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Aurora LNG project consideration requested of CEAA, invitation for comment period now open

The process of further review of the Aurora LNG project for Prince Rupert  is now underway by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.

Aurora LNG is the proposal from Nexen Energy, the Canadian energy company owned by the Chinese National Oil Company CNOOC.  Their proposal would see an LNG terminal located on the North Coast to ship LNG to Asian markets.

Towards moving the process forward, yesterday the CEAA provided an update and invitation to comment regarding the proposal, posted through their website.

As we outlined on the blog last week, the Province of British Columbia had initiated a correspondence with the CEAA regarding the Aurora proposal, highlighting the request from CNOOC/Nexen to add consideration of a potential substitution LNG terminal location for Digby Island

The CEAA project page for the twin proposals for Aurora LNG can be found here.

The project is still very much in the preliminary stage for the CEAA with the need for an Environmental Assessment still to be determined.

The public comment phase of that process is now underway with Public comments now being received by the CEAA.

Public comments on the need for a federal environmental assessment and on the substitution request will be accepted by the CEAA until July 28, 2014.

The summary of the Project as provided by Aurora LNG to the CEAA can be found here.

According to the timeline provided on page five from the summary, Construction would commence in 2017 with Operations of the LNG terminal itself to start up in 2023 with a minimum operation period of 25 years.

Both the Grassy Point and Digby Island proposals are reviewed as part of the summary.

Included in the summary were conceptual Layouts of the two sites. Highlighted on those outlines were the locations for the proposed LNG trains, storage tanks and where land would be set aside for a work camp for the project.

Aurora LNG Grassy Point
Aurora LNG Digby Island

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