Monday, July 7, 2014

City Council's Housing review might find Vancouver initiative worth a look

Prince Rupert Council will hear an update from City Planner Zeno Krekic at Monday's session, his presentation on Housing Indicators and Base line measurements an eagerly anticipated review for some of his work on the housing file for City Council.

And while it will no doubt be a helpful statistical review, or snapshot of the moment, the report for some on Council may only be a minor aspect of the larger issue of Housing that Council has been reviewing of late.

Housing concerns have been a main focus for Councillor Thorkelson during the much of this year, she frequently has brought her concerns to Council, speaking to the need for social and supportive housing for segments of the community that have had troubles accessing accommodation in the city.

At the June 23rd Council session, the theme was provided for a fairly extensive review, with Council members giving some thought to a variety of prospects to move the issue further ahead.

As we outlined on the blog at the time, among the suggestions that were reviewed, Council offered up some consideration towards forming a Housing Committee to address housing issues in the community.

Councillor Thorkelson called attention to the approach that Vancouver is currently taking towards the issue, working with Vancouver Coastal Health to address the situation.

She and other members of council that may see things along the same lines of the Vision Vancouver partymay find this press release from Mayor Gregor Robertson also of some interest to the theme.

In an initiative outlined on July 6th, the Vancouver Mayor offers up some talking points on a newly created civic office to be known as the Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency,

And while the real estate market and rental situation in Vancouver is no doubt quite different than that of Prince Rupert. For those on Prince Rupert Council inclined towards more civic engagement on the theme of housing, the Vancouver plan might provide for more items for review as they formulate their own plans to address housing issues in Prince Rupert.

The full report on the proposed Housing Authority for Vancouver can be found here.

We have more background on Housing issues on the North coast here, our items of note on developments from City Council can be found here.

Note: original article identified Mr. Krekic with the wrong first name, our apologies for the error.

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