Thursday, July 3, 2014

Add Digby Island to the LNG inventory of available development sites

One of the current proponents of LNG development on the North Coast is offering up a second selection site, as part of their proposed Terminal Development in the Prince Rupert region.

Aurora Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd., has now identified Digby Island as another potential site for their development.

The request for consideration for a site on Digby Island a can be found in a correspondence between Associate Deputy Minister Doug Caul and  Ron Hallman of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.

The letter dated June 24th, is a request for substitution, part of a Memorandum of Understanding on Substitution of Environmental Assessments.

The correspondence outlines that the Project Description for the Proposed Aurora LNG project was submitted to the CEAA on June 20th of 2014. 

The letter acknowledges that the Agency will have to first accept the Project Description and determine if a federal Environmental Assessment is required before it can respond to the request for substitution.

It is the first mention of any intention of Aurora LNG, to offer up a secondary site for development. 

Aurora LNG which is owned by Nexen, the Canadian subsidiary of the Chinese energy giant CNOOC previously had identified a site at Grassy Point near Lax Kw'alaams as the prospective location for their LNG Export Terminal facility.

According to the documents filed with the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office, the Digby Island proposal is for a terminal location on the southeast corner of the Island, which upon completion would produce up to 24 million tonnes per year of liquefied Natural Gas.

For the moment, no listing of the progress of any request from Aurora LNG has been listed on the CEAA data base of projects for British Columbia.

Information on the twin Aurora proposals can be found on the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office website:  (Grassy Point)   (Digby Island)

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