Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nathan Cullen's summer projects

Summer vacation as we all know is dedicated to a fair bit of relaxation, combined with a bit of work around the home front.

The political version of tending to the work around the home riding for the NDP's Nathan Cullen, would seem to include a pair of high profile issues.

While Mr. Cullen takes advantage of the Bulkley Valley sunshine during the summer break from his duties on Parliament Hill, his office is making sure that some his themes continue to stay among our thoughts during the summer season.

And if our recent household mailers are any indication, the Member of Parliament for Skeena-Bulkley Valley is set to rally his constituents to save a pair of high profile organizations.

The first mailer sought the help of constituents in the goal of preserving Canada Post services across the nation, that project was outlined in the late spring, with a short item delivered door to door through the Mail.

The second in the NDP's summer awareness campaign arrived with last weeks mail, as we learned more of Mr. Cullen's wishes to see the the Conservative Government provide better opportunities for financial security for the CBC.

More background on the Postal Service mission can be found on the MP's website, which offers up a few talking points to the theme.

Along with the information review, the link also features a petition for those Canadians that share the NDP's views on the importance of Canada Post to our daily lives.

The NDP campaign to "Stand up for the CBC" appears to still be somewhat in the early stages of development. With the household mailer following up on Mr. Cullen's comments of April on the theme of how the CBC cuts impact on rural communities.

Much like the Post Office campaign, the NDP website provides a link to a petition to seek out multi year financing for the public broadcaster.

Our archive of past items on Mr. Cullen's work in Ottawa can be found here.

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