Thursday, June 25, 2015

About the City Council Timeline for Monday, June 22, 2015

Regular blog readers looking for the usual comprehensive update of our City Council coverage are going to be a little disappointed this week, as it appears that electronic gremlins have laid waste to City Council's audio-visual review of Monday evening's Council session, with the evening's work recreating the era of the silent movie.

The live broadcast of Monday was plagued by a lack of audio, leaving the viewer at home to try and determine what items of interest were up for discussion at any given time and leaving any interpretation as to what they might be talking about to be foolish at best.

The problems it would seem were beyond just the signal going out of the Council chamber, the City's You Tube page, which archives the Council sessions has yet to provide a version for Monday evening, something that is usually delivered within 24 hours of the session's conclusion and would seem to indicate that the problems were somewhat more complicated.

Leaving Monday evening we imagine to be lost to the atmosphere, an unfortunate thing considering the volume of work that Council tackled on the night and what appears to be a fair bit of interest in a few of the evening's topics from the Agenda.

As for our timeline feature, considering the main focus of the project has been to to tie the events of Council to the video, this week's presentation is one that won't be available as we would normally deliver.

As the week wraps up, we shall try and piece together some of the notes from Council, adding whatever we discover to the previous notes on this weeks Council session found on our City Council Session Archive page here.

Hopefully, the technical issues will be resolved (and maybe even explained) by the time Council gathers again, allowing for the full review of the public portions of City Council's efforts.

In the end, the best record of Council's work, is one that allows for the full unfiltered review, with their own contributions as the conduit of the night's affairs.

Should the technical department at City Hall find a solution to the missing audio content and post the Council Session to the City's YouTube portal, we will of course revisit Monday evening and offer up the regular score of observations.

For more items related to City Council discussions see our archive page here.

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