Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Port Edward poised to crack down on No Parking violators

With the North Coast heading into the busy summer months of the local sport and commercial fishery, the District of Port Edward is taking a proactive approach to the issue of parking violations in the community.

With traffic and use of facilities increasing as the months move forward, Port Edward is about to crack down on parking offenders, last week the District outlined the fate for anyone who owns or knows of anyone that has a boat, truck or vehicle parked in a No Parking area within the community.

The reminder of the parking issue was outlined earlier this month advising that as of June 22nd the District would be enforcing their bylaw and that those vehicles and trailers will be disposed of should they be found in the designated areas.

More background on the Notice to the public can be found here.

Residents or visitors to the area who need more information related to the New Notification can contact the District Office at 250-628-3667.

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