Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pack a lunch, maybe bring an umbrella ... it's International Picnic Day!

A day to picnic in the park is on the to do list today, as the Hecate Strait Employment Development Society hosts International Picnic Day.

Organizers of the event taking place at Mariner's Park and scheduled to start at 11 AM,  invite you to pack a lunch, pack your kids and head down to the park to share in some Face Painting and other activities.

Hecate Strait offers a number of services and support projects for newcomers to the community, you can learn more about what they have to offer here or from the organization's Facebook page.

As well, you could always ask a few questions about what the program is all about and how you can lend a hand, as you set out your lunch time banquet.

Today's Weather however might put a bit of a dent into the plans, the afternoon forecast calls for Clouds with a chance of showers and even a risk of a Thunderstorm in the afternoon.

As for any Prince Rupert event, preparation for a shift in weather patterns is always something to keep in mind as you head out.

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