Wednesday, June 17, 2015

BC Ferries joins the Legion of Green, Green Marine that is...

British Columbia Ferries vessels and terminals can now boast of a new certification, with the province's Ferry Fleet and services now identified as members of Green Marine, the internationally recognized standard when it comes to sustainable procedures.

After a review from an independent verifier in May, BC Ferries was awarded the Green Marine certification as both a ship owner and terminal operator.

“At BC Ferries, we are proud to sail in the pristine coastal waters of British Columbia and we have an obligation to protect the environment and reduce the footprint of our operations,” ... “Joining Green Marine and achieving this certification reinforces our existing commitment to the environment and ensures we will continue to look for ways to apply best practices and be a leader in sustainable marine transportation.” -- Mike Corrigan, President and CEO of BC Ferries, on the attainment of Green Marine certification for the Ferry Corporation

The success of  BC Ferries in reaching the standard was heralded by David Bolduc, the Executive Director of Green Marine who noted how their success in reaching certification, "reflects a strong commitment towards the greening of their operations. It will also significantly help us achieve our objective, which is to improve the environmental record of the marine industry in general"

On the North Coast, one of the largest participants in the Green Marine project has been the Prince Rupert Port Authority which has featured regular updates on their participation in environmental sustainability and stewardship.

Two years ago, the Port outlined the impact that commitments to environmental targets could provide not only to the community, but to those shipping lines and services that use Port facilities.

With last month's announcement, one of the largest transportation networks in the province catches the Wave and joins the growing list of British Columbia industries and organizations to make the commitment.

You can learn more about the Green Marine project here.

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