Monday, June 22, 2015

Policing expenses, Pension payments and legal fees top the list of City's payments for 2014

The fiscal year end reviews have been posted to the City's website, the overview part of tonight's Prince Rupert City Council session, which will seek Council's approval of financial notes compiled by Financial Officer Corinne Bomben.

When Council reviews the payments side of the ledger they'll be examining a string of financial commitments. With all expenses over 25,000 dollars listed as part of the report.

The top item of the Suppliers costs for 2014 comes through the City's arrangement with the RCMP for policing services, which saw the City of Prince Rupert sending two payments to the Receiver General, $1,720,281 for Payroll deductions and $3,180,384 delivered for E Division services.

Municipal superannuation payments claims the next highest level of civic expenses from the last year, listed at $971,897 for 2014.

First Canada ULC provided a bill for $785,990 while Maunlife Financial received $617,746 for its services in the last year.

Fuel costs to keep the city's vehicles moving provided for a sizable payment of $607,928.

The City's ongoing issues related to Watson Island and any other legal requirements would appear to be keeping their legal representatives busy, the Valkyrie Law Group is listed as having received $699,891 from the City in 2014.

The remainder of the financial breakdown outlines such payments for services such as Paving, Hydro, vehicle purchases and assorted other costs with a number of vendors both local and from beyond the city.

Purchases and services under the 25,000 dollar mark totalled 778,416 dollars.

In total, payments made to Suppliers and Service providers came to just over 20 million dollars for the year ending December 31st, 2014.

You can review the full list of Supplier expenses from the City's Financial Review of Monday, it can be found from pages 17 to 20 of the Agenda Package for the evening.

City Staff has also released a report on Civic remuneration and expenses you can review that breakdown of financial requirements here.

For more background on City Council topics and discussions see our archive page here.

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