Monday, June 15, 2015

One more group approaches Council seeking free rent for Civic Centre usage

The line ups are starting to form for City Council appearances, with one new group approaching the city's elected officials to seek the use of the Civic Centre on a no fee basis.

In late May, City Council received a letter from Lousia Sanchez, the President of the North Coast Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society, seeking the opportunity for a delegation to appear at City Council to make the case for a donation of the Civic Centre for a planned Multicultural Fair in November of this year.

Should the Society be granted the time to make their presentation for Council, they will be joining a few other local groups which have asked for similar concessions from the City this year when it comes to the use of Civic Centre Facilities.

As have we outlined in a number of previous entries to the blog, both the Prince Rupert Homecoming organizers and the Grad Parents for Charles Hays have made similar requests to Council this year.

In early April the Homecoming Committee group expressed their concerns over the cost of rental for the Civic Centre, seeking a reduction in the rental cost for the use of the facility for Homecoming events.

Later in the month, the Grad Parents were in front of City Council seeking an elimination of the rent for the facility for this year, adding that they would like to see the facility made available at no cost for years to come, calling it a Legacy project of this years Grad Parent committee.

See our Council Timeline feature from April 27th for more background to that request.

To this point, City Council has not publicly declared their decision on those twin requests, with Council previously stating that they wished to forward the issue to staff for further consideration and review.

If Council hears the presentation from the Multicultural Society, the Mayor and Council will once again have an opportunity to provide an update for the community, providing some background as to their thoughts on the topic and whether any of the recent requests have been acted upon.

For more items related to City Council Discussions see our archive page here.

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