Monday, June 29, 2015

Port's Green Wave initiatives continue to gain Kudos from marine industry

The Green Wave program is
proving popular with visiting
vessels for the Port of Prince Rupert

The work of the Prince Rupert Port Authority on environmental issues has been recognized by the international body that overviews green initiatives in the marine industry.

The Port's Green Wave program uses rankings from various environmental programs such as Green Marine, RightShip, the Clean Shipping index and others to put in place the standards that vessels arriving at Prince Rupert Port facilities should be seeking to achieve.

Right Ship CEO Warwick Norman, highlighted the evolving nature of the Prince Rupert program, which is now in its third year and offers a range of discounts to visiting vessels that meet various levels of success with the program.
Right Ship CEO Warwick Norman
had praise for the Porto of
Prince Rupert's environmental work

“The Prince Rupert Port Authority’s Green Wave program is one of the most successful environmental incentive programs we collaborate on with the GHG Emissions Rating ... With the program now in its third year and going from strength to strength, Prince Rupert is demonstrating industry stewardship to those ports considering an environmental incentive program.”

In 2014, participation in the program found140 vessels taking part,  accounting for close to fifty percent of the 494 vessel calls in the year. 2015 has seen even more progress in the year to year numbers the shipping industry learns more about the Prince Rupert approach to the program.

On Friday, Port President and CEO Don Krusel offered up a snapshot of the growth of the program:
“2015 has already seen even greater year-over-year participation, which is a testament to the shipping industry’s awareness and support for increased environmental performance and sustainability ... By rewarding clean vessels, we are reducing local air emissions and connecting to a global effort to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.”

Green Marine is one of a number
of initiatives at the Prince Rupert
Port Authority
As well, Mr.  Krusel noted of the reception that the program has received from various elements of the shipping industry:
“These changes demonstrate the continual evolution of the program ... We are pleased to work with the shipping fleets, along with other ports and environmental programs, as we deliver on our ability to improve environmental sustainability in the marine shipping industry.”

You can find out more about the changes to the program here and what measures visiting vessels will be adopting as they qualify for further discounts by reaching a lower footprint on environmental impact.

More background on the Green Wave program can be found here.

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