Friday, June 19, 2015

Lester Centre to benefit from Port Authority Community Investment Fund

The roof replacement project for Prince Rupert's Lester Centre just received a significant financial boost, as the city's cultural centre becomes the latest community project to benefit from the Prince Rupert Port Authority's Community Investment Fund.

As part of Thursday's Annual Public Meeting, the Prince Rupert Port Authority announced that they would be making a $125,000 contribution to the Lester Centre roofing project, an investment in the community that represents almost half of the total budget.

“It would be hard to find a resident of Prince Rupert or any of our outlying communities that has not benefited from the Lester Centre for the Arts since it was established almost 30 years ago  ... As a primary venue to participate in municipal affairs, enjoy the arts or actually get on stage and perform, this facility is invaluable to the thriving communities of BC’s North Coast. PRPA is pleased to support the City of Prince Rupert and Lester Centre Society in ensuring the Centre will be here to fulfill this role for many years to come.” -- Prince Rupert Port Authority President and CEO on the importance of the Lester Centre to the North Coast

Prince Rupert's Lester Centre of the Arts will benefit from a $125,000
contribution from the Port's Community Investment Fund

The roof replacement project was identified by the City of Prince Rupert as one of its priority items as part of this years 2015 budget, the contribution from the Port will provide a helpful push towards the finish line for the project which is expected to take place through the summer of 2015.

Crystal Lorette, the General Manager of the Lester Centre expressed the gratitude of the contribution from the Port, speaking for those that use the facility for a range of activities throughout the year.

“The Lester Centre is one of our community’s most utilized public assets, as we accommodate a wide range of events and activities each year ... From civic activities like town hall meetings and debates, to performances from local dance troupes and internationally acclaimed artists, this structure is an institution for social, cultural and recreational endeavors. We’re grateful to see this project enabled through a funding partnership with the Prince Rupert Port Authority.”

The 125,000 dollar commitment from the Port adds to the list of projects that the Port Authority has provided funding for over the years.

You can review some of that community involvement from this link to their website, as well we have background on some of those projects available on our archive page.

More background on the Lester Centre contribution can be found here.

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