Sunday, June 28, 2015

Blog Watching, Week ending June 28, 2015

Politics leads off our look at the last seven days, with the province's ambitions for LNG to get a review in July, as the Legislature is recalled for discussion and a vote on the recent agreement between BC and Pacific NorthWest LNG for the terminal development proposed for Lelu Island.

Other items of the week that captured the attention of our readers, the celebrations of a quarter of a century for the University of British Columbia and a look at the salary disclosures for the City of Prince Rupert. With a fair amount of interest generated by the numbers provided for all of City Council, as well as those making over 75,000 dollars per year and working either on city staff or as part of the unionized work force.

Two proposed property developments wrap up the five most read items of the week, with a look at a new downtown condo proposal for the Bill Murray Drive and 1st Avenue West area, as well as a bit of push back towards the City's plans for development from Park Avenue to Graham Avenue.

However, this week, the majority of the interest was directed towards Victoria, and the upcoming discussion on LNG and the agreement reached last month with Pacific NorthWest LNG for development of the Lelu Island Terminal project.

Legislature to be recalled July 13 to launch LNG legislation discussion  -- North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice will be heading back to Victoria next month, as the Liberal Government of Christy Clark recalls the Legislature on July 13th to discuss and then vote on the recent agreement with Pacific NorthWest LNG  (posted June 23, 2015)

The notes from the ongoing investigation was followed by:

UNBC celebrates 25 years of post secondary education for Northern British Columbia -- A quarter century of higher education for the North was celebrated last week at the Prince George campus of the University of Northern British Columbia (posted June 23, 2015)

City of Prince Rupert provides overview of Civic Salaries and expenses for 2014  --  The background to a report for Council that outlines the salaries and expenses of City Council and those staff and employees making over 75,000 dollars a year  (posted  June 22, 2015)

Proposed condo development offers dramatic shift to downtown housing options    --  A look at proposed downtown development that would reshape a good portion of 1st Avenue West  (posted  June 25, 2015)

Park Avenue proposal receives petition push back  -- The large scale development for a stretch of land between Park Avenue and Graham Avenue finds a bit of opposition at the Graham Avenue side of the proposed housing plans   (posted June 25, 2015 )

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