Sunday, June 21, 2015

Blog Watching, Week ending June 21, 2015

A string of car fires have been keeping both Prince Rupert RCMP and Fire Rescue busy over the last seven days, incidents which have made any news on the status of the investigation of keen interest to local residents.

Over the last seven days two of our items related to the fires have found large audiences seeking out more background on the case files currently under investigation by the RCMP.

Well behind the count, but still of some interest to our readers this week were items related to the Prince Rupert Port Authority Annual Public Meeting, as well as a new feature from the Ministry of Transportation looking back into time on B. C.'s roads.

School District 52's plans to expand its instruction of Sm'algyax this fall also attracted a large audience, as did our notes on the positive news for an LNG terminal project in Kitimat.

However, by far the story that engaged the most interest through the week, the growing list of car fires that now have been reported on both the east and west side of the city.

Kootenay Avenue latest location related to ongoing vehicle arsons  -- Our notes on the latest in a string of vehicle fires in the city found a large audience this week, with Friday's accounts of the Kootenay Avenue fire a popular read, as well our earlier post of Monday related to a number of fires from Seafest weekend also was of much interest to our readers.   (posted June 19, 2015)

The notes from the ongoing investigation was followed by:

Prince Rupert Port Authority hosts Annual Public Meeting on Thursday -- Our preview of Thursday's Annual Public Meeting also was well received, as was our follow up review of some of the main talking points of the event (posted June 17, 2015)

BC Road Trip project takes us back to the sixties  --  A look at a new feature from the Ministry of Transportation and Highways, which is using archived video and photography to give British Columbians a glimpse of travel in the past  (posted  June 15, 2015)

SD52's Sm'algyax plans gaining notice beyond Prince Rupert    --  The expansion this fall of the School District instruction program for the Sm'algyax language in all elementary schools has created a fair bit of interest beyond the city limits  (posted  June 16, 2015)

Kitimat's LNG Canada proposal gets Federal CEAA and Provincial approval  -- The consortium looking to build an LNG terminal in Kitimat may not have made up its mind yet on a Final Investment Decision, but if they decided to go ahead, the way is now clear with the environmental review process.   (posted June 18, 2015 )

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