Monday, June 8, 2015

Aurora LNG delivers Spring update on Digby Island LNG Terminal proposal

Map of proposed Aurora LNG
Terminal development
for Digby Island
(From Aurora Spring report)
Aurora LNG the Chinese led group looking to locate an LNG shipment terminal on Digby Island has  outlined some of the progress on their proposal with a Spring update recently placed on their corporate website.

The document provides some background into their efforts over the winter and spring, with the bulk of the work involving a number of surveys of the area and work related to their Environmental process.

In the six page report, Auroral LNG outlines the engagement from their recent Open House in the community held in February,  that public meeting attracted over 140 residents looking for more information and providing feedback when it came to the proposed development.

 “I enjoyed having the opportunity to talk about the project with community members ... I left the open house with a better sense of people’s concerns, as well as an understanding of expectations regarding economic opportunities associated with LNG development. I believe there is confidence that Canada has the potential to become a significant export earner.” -- Gary Botwell, Vice  President and Managing Director, Aurora LNG relating his thoughts on community engagement related to the Auroral project proposed for Digby Island

Aurora LNG has
conducted a number
of surveys related to the project
Darcy Janko, the Manager of the Regulatory and Natural Gas Division provided some of the details on the range of studies that have been conducted at the Digby Island site, noting how they will be used as part of their environmental assessment application.

From those studies and the community engagement session of February, Aurora is now working on
its second Draft Application Information Requirement document, which they expect to have released to the public in the Fall of 2015.

Among reviews conducted during the Fall of 2014 were:  Mapping, In-field hydrometric water monitoring, Marine bird and mammal studies from Prince Rupert Harbour to Triple Islands, Marine fish surveys around Digby Island, Freshwater fish surveys, Archaeological assessments and preliminary water quality and sediment sampling at Casey Cove and off Frederick Point.

During the Spring, Aurora officials conducted surveys related to: Additional bird and marine mammals, continued hydrometric water monitoring, Detailed water quality and sediment sampling, Detailed intertidal and sub tidal habitat surveys in Casey Cove and off Frederick Point, Targeted field surveys for amphibians, bats, breeding birds, large mammals and nocturnal/diurnal raptures and owls, As well they examined date from MET ocean buoys and reviewed wetland function and rare plant surveys.

As part of that process, Aurora officials intend to continue to seek consultation with First Nations, area stakeholders and regulatory agencies, though aware of the importance of the summer months on the North Coast, it would appear that much of that consultation will be taking place once we get past Labour Day.

Once the Draft  Information Application Requirement is delivered in the fall it will be available for public comment.

At that point, Aurora has plans to hold another Open House in Prince Rupert to discuss the scope of the project's progress and address questions and concerns related to the document.

With the energy industry an ever changing discussion of late, Mr Botwell noted in the Spring report that LNG development in Canada does face some unique challenges and offered up the plan to address some of those issues moving forward.

“We’re just one of many countries that recognize the tremendous opportunity presented by growing demand. Western Canada is pitching itself in a competitive arena with companies that are dealing with very different environmental and community considerations. In order to ensure Canada remains attractive to the global investment community, we need to have surety in process, stability in government, and achievable timelines to gain required approvals.”

The full overview of their Spring report can be examined from the Aurora LNG website, you can download a copy of it for review from under the Related Links section of the homepage.

For further background on the Aurora LNG proposal see our archive page here.

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