Tuesday, June 9, 2015

City's Go Plan Survey now under way

Yesterday marked Day One of a Ten Day Blitz from the City of Prince Rupert, as they roll out their much anticipated Go Plan Survey, a project that will provide the City with what they describe as "baseline data" designed to better assist them in matters of planning.

In addition to the work related to planning for the various civic departments, the Survey will also help provided a better picture of the state of the housing situation in the community, making for a census of sorts as to where Rupertites are living at the moment and what forms of housing are required in the community.

On Sunday, the city hosted a training session for the group of enumerators that will be going door to door over the ten day period of the survey, though if residents prefer, they can log on to the City's Go Plan Survey website to make their contribution on line.

Earlier this month, we provided this preview as to what the Survey was all about,  observing how the the actual questionnaire requires only somewhere between five to ten minutes from start to finish.

As part of the roll out of the project, Mayor Lee Brain outlined some background on the Go Plan Survey last week through a video posted to the City's You Tube portal.

For more items related to housing concerns in the community see our archive page here, for background on issues from City Council see our Discussion page here.

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