Monday, June 29, 2015

Westview waterfront area location of containment efforts related to abandoned fuel pipe

An abandoned fuel pipe
has been seeping old fuel into the
Prince Rupert harbour near the
Westview Pellet Terminal 

The Prince Rupert Port Authority provided an update this afternoon on an incident in the city's Westview waterfront area, which has seen a small quantity of escaped fuel to enter into the foreshore and waterfront near the Westview  Wood Pellet Terminal.

The incident was first reported to the Port on Sunday afternoon by workers at the Pellet Terminal, who had noticed a sheen in the water near the Terminal.

Upon further investigation by the Port it was determined that the seepage was originating from an abandoned pipe that passes under property owned by the Port of Prince Rupert.

The Port then put in motion its response plan, a process which has involved finding access to the area in question and then making preparations to flush and cap the pipe in order to prevent any further seepage of the fluid which is believed to be bunker fuel.

The Western Canada Marine Response Corporation was called in to handle the remediation work to the shoreline and surrounding area, they are currently working on both the containment issues and the cleanup response to immediate area.

As well, the Port has called in an environmental consultant who is currently on site to assess any potential impact to the area.

As part of their update of Monday, the Port Authority observed that the amount of escaped oil is small and it is not believed that it will pose a risk to marine life and vegetation near the area.

More background on the incident can be found from this media release.

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