Monday, June 8, 2015

School District 52 set to recognize retiring staff

As the School year begins to wind its way down to the end of classes later this month, School District 52 is recognizing a number of milestone moments for its staff and bidding farewell to a number of retiring members, many of them with over thirty years of service to the community.

This month, the School District will recognizing 9 employees with 5 years of continuous service;  15 employees with 10 years of continuous service; 4 employees with 15 years of continuous service, 2 employees with 20 years of continuous service and 7 employees with 25 years of continuous service.

The largest block of employees however fall into the 25 plus year category and for this years Recognition and Appreciation evening, 53 School District employees will be honoured with times of service ranging from 26 to 38 years with the District.

As we outlined on the blog in late May, Ms. Sheila Wells, currently the principal of Ecole Roosevelt Park School, and well known for her time at Charles Hays and Prince Rupert Secondary Schools in years past, has announced her retirement from the School District after 37 years.

Joining Ms.Wells on the retirement list for 2015 are:

Maria Wells -- 11 years
Wendy Bernhardt -- 18 years
Pansy Collison --18 years
France Powell --18 years
Paula Linn --20 years
Shawna Flaten --30 years
Catherine Lindseth -- 30 years
Linda Hansen -- 34 years
Wendy Atchison -- 36 years

You can find more information about School District 52 items from our archive page here.

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