Monday, June 22, 2015

Social and Non-Profit Housing issues discussed at Terrace conference

Three representatives from Prince Rupert City Council were in attendance last week as a Social Housing conference took place in Terrace, where a range of ideas were exchanged to try and find solutions to a common situation in many Northwest communities.

Mayor Lee Brain, Councillor Barry Cunningham and Councillor Joy Thorkelson were on hand for the City of Prince Rupert, providing some of their notes from ongoing efforts in this community on the topic, while looking at what other communities of the region, province and nation are taking on to try and address a number of issues related to housing.

As we outlined on the blog back in May, the June 18th housing conference was to provide background on developments in other communities when it comes a range of non profit housing requirements.

Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain
led a delegation from Prince Rupert
to a Terrace housing forum
last week
That theme was explored in depth during the conference, with one of the main talking points providing for the observation that the Federal Government needs to increase funding to communities for their housing needs, particularly with attention required to homelessness situations across the country.

That however was not the only focus of the wide ranging discussion, with the topic of affordable housing for those with lower incomes also part of the discussion, particularly as rents and availability in the Northwest becomes more and more of an issue as major development projects begin to appear in the region.

You can review some of the events and conference items that were available to the Prince Rupert participants from this online introduction to the conference.

Some media reviews of the Terrace event can be found below, check back later to see if there are any other items to be added to that archive of the housing conference.

Head of Non-Profit Housing Association says Federal Government must step up funding
Affordable housing needed in Northwestern B. C.

Also joining the City Council delegation to the Terrace meetings were members from the  North Coast Transition Society and the Prince Rupert Seniors Housing Committee.

A review of some of the Prince Rupert Housing Committee's work in recent weeks is on the agenda for tonight's Council meeting, offering up an opportunity for the Council members that took part in the forum to provide a report on what they learned during their time in Terrace and how it could be transferred to situations around the city.

For more background on housing issues in Prince Rupert see our archive page here.

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