Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Northwest a featured attraction in most recent edition of BC Ferries magazine "Onboard"

The Northwest gets a close up feature this month in the magazine that travellers onboard BC Ferries can pick up as they board any of the fleet's ships this month.

The magazine "onBoard" which is available for free for travellers on all routes of the service highlights some of the attractions to be found for those exploring the northwest region of the province.

The three page overview comes from local writer Bruce Wishart, who has some familiarity with tourism in the region from his previous time with Tourism Prince Rupert.

For the BC Ferries publication, the free lance writer provides a glimpse of some of the history of the area, along with notes on attractions across the Northwest and beyond that visitors may find of interest.

Two of Prince Rupert's most popular destination spots receive a short thumbnail sketch, with the Museum of Northern British Columbia and the North Pacific Cannery Historical Site in Port Edward both featured as sure to visit spots in the region.

Further down Highway 16, stops in Old Hazelton, Smithers and McBride are also noted as of interest for travellers, as is a side trip into Barkerville for those taking the Great Circle route of exploration for this summer.

You can review Wishart's travel planning guidelines here.

Or pick up your own personal copy should you find yourself on one of the BC Ferries over the next month or so.

More background on items of interest from BC Ferries can be found here, while items on Tourism options in the region can be reviewed here.

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