Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Legislature to be recalled July 13 to launch LNG legislation discussion

The date has been set by the Liberal Government for debate and discussion related to the introduction of legislation for the agreement with Pacific NorthWest LNG, the proponents of the Lelu Island LNG Terminal.

Mike de Jong, the Government House Leader outlined the process ahead for the agreement, noting the commitment of Petronas/Pacific Northwest LNG towards the project.

“The company has met its commitment to ratify the agreement we signed, which establishes the path to a final investment decision on the project ... Now it’s for the government to address our commitment, which will see the public release of the PDA and the introduction of legislation that would both ratify this agreement and enable future agreements with other proponents.”

In the statement of today, Mr. de Jong also noted that the Province continues to work with the Coast Tsimshian First Nation, other First nations and Pacific NorthWest LNG to seek out further engagement on issues of concern related to the proposed development.

The rare summer session of the Legislature will take place starting July 13th, as MLA's return to Victoria to review the agreement, offer their comments and concerns and then provide their vote on the bill.

Unless there is a rebellion of historical note within the Liberal ranks, which seems unlikely. the bill, will pass owing to the Liberal majority and will fulfill one of the two key conditions for Petronas/Pacific NorthWest related to their recent Conditional Approval for the project.

That will leave only the completion of the Environmental Assessment process (currently facing another pause for more information) to be delivered before the Malaysian led energy project could provide for its Final Investment Decision, something that would shift the project from proposal to development and should there be no setbacks, change the landscape of the North coast economy for the next few decades.
North Coast MLA will be called back
to the Legislature in July to
discuss and vote on LNG issues 

What will be interesting to watch during the Legislature discussion is how the NDP opposition approaches the topic and in particular what thoughts North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice may offer up during the debate.

Residents of the Northwest will most likely be quite interested the contributions of both Ms. Rice and that of Skeena MLA Robin Austin as the discussion moves forward next month, as well as how in the end they choose to cast their vote on the legislation.

You can review some of the past themes of LNG development among our entries on our Legislature archive page, while notes on the Pacific Northwest LNG project can be reviewed here.

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