Monday, June 29, 2015

NWCC highlights Bursaries available to Northwest students

For students and parents making their plans for the fall, an opportunity to help with the cost of tuition at the post secondary level is available for those looking towards the Trades program at Northwest Community college.

The college outlined some of the bursary opportunities that are there for the taking, many of which provide a focus on some of the key industrial trades programs currently found through NWCC, from Welding, electrical, carpentry and Heavy Duty Equipment training, to instruction related to the culinary program and automobile trade opportunities.

Overall there are some 79 trades bursaries to be awarded through the college, providing for 59,000 dollars in available funding.

The deadline applications for the Fall session fast approaching, with students advised to have their application submitted by July 15th. 

For those that may be looking at their studies for the winter session, the deadline for applications is February 15th.

There are two streams into the Bursary program, one available to Graduating students of area School District's the other for Mature Students, those who have graduated or meet entrance requirements for the individual trades programs.

You can learn more about the Bursary opportunities through the NWCC website. Information related to the variety of Bursaries can be found here,  while more background on Financial aid opportunities can be reviewed here.

See our archive page here, for more items related to post secondary education options at the various northwest campus locations for NWCC and CNC in Prince George.

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