Thursday, June 25, 2015

RCMP look to accentuate (and reward) the Positives when it comes to road safety on city streets

Summer and the end of school bring
more longboards, skateboards,
cyclists and roller bladders to
city streets
With the arrival of the warmer weather and the end of the school year comes the annual parade of skateboarders, cyclists and roller blade enthusiasts, many of them transiting along city streets.

A new initiative from the Prince Rupert Detachment will see members of the RCMP ramping up their enforcement, introducing a "positive ticketing" program that will reward those who exhibit safe behaviour with either a pool/gym pass provided by the City of Prince Rupert, or a Slurpee courtesy of the city's 7-11 store on 2nd Avenue West.

“We believe that this initiative will be well received by the community, and will help to bridge gaps between law enforcement and young people. In turn it will assist in creating an environment focused on road safety education ... While we are excited about issuing positive tickets we will also be increasing enforcement action for those who choose not to comply.” -- Constable Matt Ericson, Prince Rupert RCMP outlining an new initiative from the local detachment to encourage safety on the streets

Road Safety, particularly when it comes to skateboards, longboards, cyclists and those on roller blades made for much attention from City Council over the last few years, some of those notes can be found below.

February 2014 -- Prince Rupert Council to introduce Helmet by-law at Council session tonight
February 2014 -- City Council moves forward on Helmet By-law
September 2013 -- Skateboard and Longboard clinic set for next Friday
July 2013 -- Skate boarding youth raise concerns for City Council

It's hoped that some of those initiatives and some of the community work that the RCMP engaged in over the last year will provide for safer streets for all in the city this summer.

You can review the full announcement of the Positive Ticketing Program here.

For more items related to Emergency Services in the North West see our archive page here.

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