Monday, June 8, 2015

Prince Rupert's Rainbow Crosswalk one step closer to approval

The Cow Bay District could soon
feature a rainbow crosswalk
at the Cow Bay Cafe area
Prince Rupert City Council will receive a report at tonight's Council session that will recommend the Green light for a proposed rainbow Coloured crosswalk for the community.

With City Staff offering up the recommendation that the best location for the proposal to be the Crossing at the Atlin Terminal leading to the Cow Bay Cafe.

City Staff prepared the report over the last week, noting that the cost of the project would be approximately 1,850 dollars.

The Report to Council can be found on page 9 of the Council Agenda for this week.

Last week Mayor Brain provided some background on the request through his Facebook portal, noting how the City had been approached by a group in the city with the suggestion for the crosswalk in May. As part of his note, the Mayor sought out some community input on the topic by way of his Facebook item.

The initiative for the Rainbow Crosswalk was suggested as a way of recognizing the rights of the LBGQT community in the region.

Some background on the proposed rainbow crosswalk can be found from this interview from the CBC's Daybreak North program of May 24th.

More items related to City Council discussions can be found from our archive page.


  1. There is so much wrong with this I do not know where to start. Well we are a free Country so I am allowed to oppose this freely, so here i go. I do not think it is fair we are bending our ways of life for gay people when we still have not fully made up for the discrimination against the first nations peoples, are we going to paint brown and black in there too, because last i checked racism and discrimination go way past just the gay community alone. Last week i read about people sleeping in the streets here so lets put a rainbow crosswalk, that will help people with real struggles just to actually survive. I think a rainbow crossing would look neat but to just make it for the gay community is a little to far, when many people are facing struggles everyday, By only supporting one group you are bringing down the others that need the same attention.

    1. It's a coat of paint, dude. Relax. I don't see how a small area of paint would even come close to excluding other people. As it is now, I can't find any evidence that Prince Rupert is a LGBT-friendly community whatsoever, and LGBT people are hiding their identities for fear of discrimination. This is one small step to help.

    2. Good, Than there should be no problem adding Black, White, Brown, Pink and Purple, why take small steps.

  2. You are correct, we are living in a free country, where discussion is the best course of action to resolve differences an express opinions. I don't however agree with your summation of the community "bending our ways of life for gay people", it would seem more of a case of seeking inclusion for a segment of the community, at least that's how I seem to understand the issue and how it was presented.

    The crosswalk should not detract from the other issues you have noted, discrimination, homelessness and such. All items that clearly that also need attention and a dedication to find solutions for.I don't see the proposed painting of a cross walk as a major concern, or taking away from those goals.

    If anything, it would appear to be raising awareness and engaging people in discussion, which is a good thing.

    The City Council will have a chance to do just that tonight, any decision towards the proposal can only take place after Council votes on it, we'll learn more about the proposal after tonight's session.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment on the article, it's always interesting to see which items attract the most readers and create conversation.
    North Coast Review

  3. The rainbow crosswold will look neat and brighten things up. Its irritating so see ppl right away jump to discrimination of the native ppl.....and what about them. Reality check....these days we r all discriminated against....doesnt matter if u r white....native or gay. It would of been nice to see the rainbow crosswalk to signify the city of prince rupert being known for their rainbows tho. We need more community spirit around here that includes more then just the native culture.