Tuesday, June 9, 2015

CityWest launches High Speed Internet service to Smithers

A customer checks in at the Smithers
CityWest office to learn more about
new service options in the community
(photo from CityWest)
The ongoing expansion plans of Prince Rupert base CityWest continue to move forward, with the communication company beginning its new high speed Quantum Internet service to Smithers this week.

CityWest introduced the launch of the new service for Smithers with an announcement posted to their website on Monday that outlines what the new service has to offer the community.

CityWest's Quantum Internet is available at the moment to Smithers residents with access to the fibre-to-the-home process, making use of the latest technology to deliver a range of services to the community, other options are also available for those that don't yet have the fibre-to-fibre option available.

The launch of the new fibre-to-home service option will start with an area of the city close to the downtown region and move forward from there as the months go by, outlined by the map found below.

A service map for the launch of CityWest's newest services in the Smithers area.
(click to expand)

The pricing of the new Quantum Internet service for the Bulkley Valley will be the same as it is in the other Northwest Communities served by CityWest.

Some early comments from those that have signed up for the service are providing a fair bit of positive feedback for the relatively new CityWest office in the community, with speed, wireless capabilities and the ability to bundle a number of services all of interest to Smithers residents.

 “We appreciate comments like these, and we’re going to work hard to make sure we keep our customers happy with their services,”  ...  “We’re excited to be building a world-class fibre-optic network for a very supportive community in Northwest BC.” -- CityWest CEO and President Don Holkestad on the launch of Quantum Internet in the Smithers region.

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