Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Prince Rupert Port Authority hosts Annual Public Meeting on Thursday

Fairview Terminal continues to
provide for positive returns for the PRPA
An opportunity for North Coast residents to learn more about the year just past and what's ahead for the Prince Rupert Port Authority arrives on Thursday, as the Port hosts its Annual Public Meeting.

The session takes place at 11 AM in the BC Room of the Crest Hotel and during the course of the Thursday event, updates on past performance of port facilities over the last year will be reviewed as well as a look ahead at a number of initiatives planned for the remainder of this year and beyond.

Among those potential discussion points, a continued focus on the ongoing Phase Two expansion of the container port and perhaps a look ahead further down the road for that facility could be on the agenda for Thursday.

As well the Port might make mention of the status of the new ownership group DP World, that international shipping giant hopes to have approval from Federal regulators in place soon, as they continue with their plans to take over the operations at Fairview Terminals.

The statistical review for the various port facilities will provide a snapshot of the Port's current shipment activity, one which finds the container port leading the way, while recent months have seen Ridley Coal suffer some setbacks as the coal industry goes through a major slowdown.

Prince Rupert Grain is also recording less shipments this year as well, though the figures there are not as dramatic as they are at the neighbouring coal terminal.

The stats also provide the first real glimpse into the impact that the Pinnacle Pellet Terminal is having on the Port's overall shipment totals.

Bulk shipments of logs also continue to grow as vessels load up out of the Seal Cove end of Prince Rupert harbour.

The most recent update for May can be reviewed here.

North Coast residents are still
hopeful of a positive announcement
from Canpotex for their
Ridley Island terminal plans
There are of course other topics for the future that might be on the mind of area residents.

Such projects as the status of the Canpotex plans for Ridley Island, wished for rail line relocation away from the city's waterfront and any future developments for the Port for that area between Kwinitsa and the Pinnacle Pellet facility, might be of interest to locals.

The Port Authority however is unlikely to have much to add to the background to those themes without any commitments from their various partners along the waterfront.

One area where the Port could possibly provide an update on however is their plans for Cow Bay redevelopment.

With the marina project starting to take shape just behind their Atlin Terminal offices and residents hopeful that the much discussed rejuvenation of the Cow Bay area might soon gain some momentum.

Thursday might also provide some indication of progress of the Port Authority's working group on the Cruise Industry, which has been working this year towards rebuilding Prince Rupert's presence with the industry and seek out more vessel visits for the years to come.

Those looking for some background on the Port's efforts over the last year can review a number of sources available on the website

Month to Month Performance snapshots

2014 Prince Rupert Port Authority Financial Statement

Prince Rupert Port Authority Economic Impact Study for 2015

For more background on news items and other notes about the Prince Rupert Port Authority see our archive page here.

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