Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NWCC hires new VP for Education, Student Development and International recruitment

While budget cuts may have made the news recently coming out of Northwest Community College, the main campus in Terrace is moving forward towards September with new administrative hirings.

NWCC recently noted the arrival of a new Vice President  for Education, Student Development and International recruitment.

As Mr. Justin Kohlman joined the Administration at NWCC on Monday, with the community college pointing to his expertise in student development and international recruitment, as some of the areas  where he will direct his energy towards.

“Working with our faculty, staff and students, as well as the broader communities, I'm excited about what we can do to make our campuses the first choice of local and international students." -- Justin Kohlman, newly hired Vice President at NWCC on where the college will be directing some of its energy towards adding to regional enrolment.

In recent weeks as NWCC addressed some of its budget issues, with the nature of enrolment in some of the programs offered by the college becoming a key discussion point.

A topic which caught the attention of Prince Rupert City council, which expressed their concerns when it comes to any potential program cuts at the local campus on 5th Street.

Some of the background on those budget issues can be found from this statement from NWCC.

The review highlighted the 1.4 million dollars in cost savings that the College had identified to address a shortfall in government funding and spoke to declines in enrolment related revenue.

It also noted that staff reductions and layoffs while a last resort, are also part of the financial planning for the college for the year ahead.

In the statement, NWCC President Ken Burt noted the strengths of some of the programs at thecollege.  Celebrating such programs as Trades, First Nations Fine Arts, Business, Health and Workforce training, while acknowledging that some of their programs has low enrolment numbers and steps would have to be taken to address to those issues.

The Prince Rupert Campus of NWCC may see more intentional
students in September as part of a plan
to help increase admission numbers
Part of the approach to building up attendance and improving the financials at NWCC facilities, will seemingly be to make the Northwest a destination of choice for those in British Columbia along with a focus on international students.

Mr. Kohlman's appointment was made official last month announced through this media release

More background on items related to NWCC can be found on our archive page.

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