Sunday, January 31, 2016

Blog Watching, week ending January 31, 2016

Themes related to LNG development, consultation with First Nations and new environmental guidelines and their impact on potential development all dominated the weekly reading list.

Of our list of five of top reads on the week, only one non LNG related item broke through to claim a spot on our list, a review of how the Board for SD52 is seeking out some feedback from the community on their budget process this year.

The LNG stories however were the ones that found the largest number of readers, with the highest level of interest give to the recent Salmon Nation Summit and the declaration that came from it, as well as the response from the Tsimshian First Nations related to a lack of consultation when it came to that final document.

As for the LNG industry itself, two items claimed some attention on the week, with  our  look at LNG Minister Rich Coleman and his optimism when it comes to the Pacific NorthWest LNG CEAA process, as well as a review as to how some new guidelines on the EA process may require Pacific NorthWest LNG to provide more data on potential green house gas emissions.

The Top five items on the week wrap up with the current online survey being conducted by the School District, which is asking residents of the region to offer up some thoughts on education in the District and where cost savings might be found as hey head into their Budget Discussions for 2016.

However, the top item of the week returned to Lelu Island, and the disappointment of the Tsimshian First Nation related to the release of the Lelu Island Declaration, which the Tsimshian note was drafted and signed without any consultation with them.

Tsimshian Nations take issue with lack of consultation on Lelu Island Declaration -- A signed document that was released at the end of the Salmon Nation Summit in Prince Rupert last weekend has raised concerns with some local First Nations, with officials showing their displeasure at the lack of consultation with them on the Lelu Island Declaration.  (posted January 25, 2016)

That article was followed by:

Salmon Nation Summit ends with signing of Lelu Island Declaration -- Two days of discussion on themes related to Lelu Island came to an end with the signing of the Lelu Island Declaration, where a number of First Nations, environmentalists and regional politicians declared that no LNG development should take place on the Island.  (posted January 25, 2016 )

LNG Minister Coleman anticipates CEAA draft report on Pacific NorthWest LNG --  The province's minister in charge of LNG development is holding out optimism that the CEAA process related to Pacific NorthWest LNG project will be delivering a report very shortly.( January 27, 2016)

Pacific NorthWest LNG project may get caught up in new Federal Government mandate on climate analysis -- Depending on what kind of science that Pacific NorthWest LNG has already provide on it's proposed LNG terminal for Lelu Island,  the company may be required to provide more data to meet new guidelines on Green House Gas Emissions.  Those new guidelines can be reviewed here(posted  January 26, 2016 )

School District 52 launches survey on proposed budget cuts -- With the prospect of $1,000,000 in cuts to the SD52 budget ahead, the School District is turning to the public for some guidance on issues related to the city's school system.  (posted January 29, 2016 )

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