Friday, January 22, 2016

Cullen seeks consultation with constituents over Cannery Closure

With the House of Commons set to resume its duties on Monday, Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen is looking to get more feedback from North Coast residents when it comes to the closure of the canning lines at the Canadian Fish plant in Prince Rupert.

The MP began his consultation process with his constituents through a home mailing campaign, with residents on the North Coast receiving an invitation to provide their comments either by mail or through his office by email.

As part of his efforts in the capital, Mr. Cullen has been putting forward the message from the workers' representatives on the North Coast, with a focus on the current push from UFAWU-Unifor to  gain more control over resources back to the local communities.

Mr. Cullen notes of his plans for the session to come where he will continue to push for the House to change the laws so that more fish and seafood processing jobs stay in the Northwest.

That concept of adjacency has been a key element of recent moves by the local representatives of UFAWU and was outlined back in November.

The mailing campaign from the MP comes in tandem with a letter writing campaign launched by the Union in late December and carrying through this month.

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