Wednesday, January 20, 2016

CNOOC also looking at spending cuts in 2016

The current state of the oil and gas industry world wide is making for what seem like daily headlines of late as company after company reassess their spending plans and make decisions on what kind of cuts will be required to deal with plummeting crude prices.

Yesterday we noted on the blog that Petronas, the parent company of Pacific NorthWest LNG is looking at some fairly serious cutbacks both on operations and capital spending.

Also announced yesterday, but not receiving quite the same amount of attention were some dispatches out of China, where CNOOC the Chinese state control oil and gas company announced it's on spending and output cuts to be put in place.

In a media release from Tuesday, CNOOC outlined its path ahead for 2016, with financial observers noting that the company would be budgeting 11 per cent less for capital expenditures than what it had estimated last year.
CNOOC is the lead investor of
the proposed Auroral LNG
project on Digby Island

In response to the "increasingly complicated operating environment in 2016", CNOCC noted that the company will look to reduce costs and enhance efficiency"

However, CNOOC did add that the company will look to "ensure an appropriate balance between short-term returns and long-term growth"

CNOOC is one of the key investors in the proposed Aurora LNG project proposed for Digby Island, having just started with their engagement process with the North Coast when it comes to potential development at the south end of Digby.

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