Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Recreation Department to introduce new registration system in February

The Recreation Department will be rolling out their new software system for registrations in February, a highly anticipated addition to the city's information collection system that is hoped to provide savings and improved access to the department's programs.

The topic of the new registration software program was reviewed for council during the November 23rd council session, as part of an overall discussion of Recreation Department finances and capital spending planning by the City's Recreation Director Willa Thorpe.

In addition to a look at some of the financial issues, recreation fee increases and maintenance related notes, Ms. Thorpe offered up a thumbnail sketch of the new software program which is to replace the antiquated system that the City currently makes use of.

Highlighting for council what the new software is expected to provide for the city, tracking trends in recreation use and identify those demographics that make use of the Civic Centre and what participation levels are found at the Recreation Centre.

You can review that November presentation from the City's Video Archive starting at the thirty eight minute mark.

A short reminder on the introduction of the system was posted to the Recreation Department Facebook page, you can get a head start on the registration process by updating your information for their data base here.

More items related to developments from Prince Rupert City Council can be found from our Council Discussion page.

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