Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Nathan Cullen looks to partner with City of Prince Rupert for infrastructure forum

Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP MP Nathan Cullen is making his plans for a tour of the riding over the course of the next few weeks and one topic on his mind is the infrastructure needs of the region, something he hopes to share thoughts on in February when he puts Prince Rupert on the destination list.

As part of his tour to the North Coast, the NDP MP is looking to partner with the City of Prince Rupert in a public town hall event on the issue, taking the pulse of the community when it comes to the kind of infrastructure issues and concerns that they may have.

Mr. Cullen made his suggestion in a letter to the Mayor and Council from December, where he outlines how he hopes to work with municipalities, First Nations and Regional District's to ensure that federal funding opportunities are made available to communities across the Northwest.

The MP notes the focus that the newly elected Liberal government had placed on infrastructure in the
recent federal election campaign and that he plans to hold them accountable to that commitment.

NDP MP Nathan Cullen hopes to
talk infrastructure in Prince Rupert
with a town hall in February

(photo from City of PR annual report)
The Northwest is sometimes a challenging place to build, between our weather extremes, and the continued impact from heavy traffic and increasing populations. We need to develop plans and strategies for how we will continue to maintain and expand our current infrastructure to ensure it meets our needs. --NDP MP Nathan Cullen in a letter to Prince Rupert city Council on infrastructure issues in the region.

Mr. Cullen is hoping to share the stage with the Mayor and Council on Tuesday, February 9th. More details on his plans for the town hall event can be found form  the January 6th notes of the Information to Council Section of the city website on page 2

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