Monday, January 11, 2016

Community Enhancement Grant Applicants to learn their funding levels tonight

With an extra month or so to consider their options, Prince Rupert City Council will outline the nature of the 2016 Community Enhancement Grants for 2016 at tonight's Council session.

Last month Council deferred its decision process into the New Year, while at the same time advising would be new applicants that there would be no new applications accepted  for 2016.

That decision  leaves such groups as The Grad Parents Committee for 2016, North Coast Immigrant and Multicultural Society, Prince Rupert Harley Riders, Prince Rupert Marine Rescue, St. Andrew's Cathedral and Transition Prince Rupert Society off the list of hopeful applicants for this year, leaving them to seek out alternative forms of funding for their plans over the next twelve months.

Should all go according to plan tonight however, there will be confirmation for those groups that have traditionally received funding from the City, with the City's Financial Officer Corinne Bomben providing a report and recommended guidelines and amounts for 2016.

In the report to be presented to Council, the process that has been used to determine the funding to be in place for 2016, putting in place a cap on the Grant Funding to be set at 850,000 dollars as reviewed by Council back in December.

The Community Groups that will be awaiting word from Council on how their funding request for 2016 will turn out include: AFFNO, Museum of Northern British Columbia, Prince Rupert Community Arts Council, Prince Rupert Community Halloween Fest Society, Prince Rupert Performing Arts Society, Prince Rupert Public Library, Prince Rupert Special Events Society, Prince Rupert Wildlife Shelter, Tourism Prince Rupert and Visitor Information Center.

The recommended amounts from the Financial department can be reviewed from the Chart below.

Prince Rupert City Council will review the Grant Funding recommendations
as part of tonights Council session

(click on item above to expand chart)

You can review the full report that Council will receive tonight from the City's Agenda package, it starts at page 15 and continues to 17.

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  1. Will you be doing a follow-up article indicating which grants were approved?

  2. Did up a piece on the revised funding for the Library, Museum and Lester Centre on Thursday

    The list as outlined from Monday wouldn't change all would be approved, only some of the funding levels were adjusted.


  3. Oops, a day ahead of myself, link to above story is from Wednesday's news flow ...