Monday, January 18, 2016

Community Futures catching eyes with downtown advertising

Sharp eyed passers by in the downtown area are noticing a few new storefront displays these days, as Community Futures of the Pacific Northwest continues on with a campaign to stir up interest in business development in  the city.

The program features large information displays in some of the city's currently empty windows, a two step approach that highlights some of the success of past business ideas that have come to life, combined with some concepts to get would be local entrepreneurs thinking about the possibilities.

The large window displays can be found along the city's downtown business core on Third Avenue, in the Cow Bay area and in the Rupert Square Mall. Making for a conversation piece that not only informs, but might get the creative process moving for local residents that have been thinking about starting their own business, but aren't quite sure how to take those first steps to move things forward.

The local organization offers up planning assistance and funding to those in the community that have ideas for what may be a key addition to the local business community, providing guidance along the way and a chance to transfer the concept into a Grand Opening one day.

A chance to ponder the possibilities for new business
in Prince Rupert with Community Futures

Celebrating the success of some recent
Business openings in the city
Some of the businesses noted by Community Futures that have found success from the program include: Posh Pirates, Wheelhouse Brewing, The Fresh Onion and Rupert Meats to name a few.

You can learn more about what they can offer you from their website and keep up to date on developments across the Northwest from their Facebook page.

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