Thursday, January 28, 2016

Council pulls west side road closure bylaw from Agenda consideration

Plans to close a road on the west side of the city, part of a large scale development between Park Avenue and Graham Avenue have apparently hit a bit of a snag, as City Council removed the required Bylaw from consideration at this weeks Council Session.

Mayor Brain noted the decision to remove the Bylaw from the Agenda from Monday's meeting at the start of proceedings at the Council meeting.

Reading out a clarification statement related to the decision to withdraw the Road Closure Bylaw Motion for that evening's session.

Noting some background related to the proposed road closure bylaw and the sale of closed road lands adjacent to Graham Avenue, advising  that the City had removed the item from the Agenda. 

The Mayor then informed the public that it  had been discovered that the during the preparation of a secondary survey, that this process was unusable park land and not road right of way and as a result, the City is not currently able to proceed as indicated in the public notices related to this matter.

A public notice advising of the City's plans was posted to the City of Prince Rupert website on January 21st.

The proposed housing development that covers a fair amount of territory on the west side, was the subject of much discussion over the last year, with a number of issues and concerns raised at the time by some council members and residents of the area.

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A Road Closure bylaw for the most recent
City Council meeting was pulled from the 

Agenda for Monday's meeting

The topic of the road closure has also caught the eye of one local resident and was the subject of an expansive letter to the editor this week in the weekly newspaper.

The letter outlines a number of concerns that the resident has when it comes to the prospect of the road closure, as well as calling into question some of the decisions that were made in relation to that proposed housing development.

There was no indication at Monday's council session when the bylaw would be returned to Council for further discussion or how the City would move forward on the issues related to it.

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