Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Containers are King in year end numbers from Prince Rupert Port Authority

Containers led the way in the year end
review of performance numbers at
the Port of Prince Rupert
The year end numbers for the various terminals of the Port of Prince Rupert have been released and for 2015 it was the Fairview Container Terminal that led the way when it comes to cargo movements through Port facilities.

A port report delivered on Friday highlighted the importance of the shipment of containers through the Prince Rupert gateway, with a 26 per cent surge in container shipments continuing to shine the spotlight on the growing confidence that shippers are finding with Prince Rupert's operations.

The strong results from the past year gave Port CEO and President Don Krusel an opportunity to pay tribute to the workforce that moves the product daily on the Prince Rupert waterfront, as well as to highlight the Port's success, which was the fourth best year in the port's history.

“The 2015 cargo volumes achieved by our dedicated port workforce demonstrate the importance of cargo diversification, given the dramatic change in market conditions for Canadian trade. While down marginally from last year’s total volume, 2015 was historically the fourth best year on record, and signifies the port’s ability to weather commodity cycles and capitalize on opportunities for expansion and new development,”

The Strong numbers in Containers and continued strong results from the Grain Terminal highlighted the value of diversification for the Port, with those two areas leading the way in shipments for 2015.

While  there was a small amount of slippage at Prince Rupert Grain from numbers of 2014 which was a remarkable year for grain exports, the 2015 figures still provided for the second best year for agricultural exports through the Terminal.

The relatively new shipment of Wood Pellet product out of the Westview Terminal showed further increases from the levels of 2014 as did shipments out of Prince Rupert of logs.

The story at Ridley Terminals however remained much the same from years past, with the continuing issues in the coal industry across Canada providing for lower shipment numbers in 2015 found compared to 2014.

The shipments story from the Prince Rupert Port Authority for 2015
(Graph from PRPA website)

Overall, the total number of shipments of all commodities and materials through the Port of Prince Rupert was recorded at over 19.6 million tonnes of containers, grain, coal and forest products.

More on the year end review can be found from this information sheet from the Port,.

You can review monthly performance statistics and other information on port related shipments from the Port's performance page.

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