Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Alfred Street Residents issued Boil Water Advisory as repairs to waterline completed

The work crews took care of their business a bit ahead of schedule on Alfred Street and the water is once again flowing to residents along the stretch of the 800 block of the area.

However, while the water has been turned back on, the City of Prince Rupert has issued a Boil Water Advisory for those that were affected by the recent disruption, that advisory will be in effect until further notice.

As well, the city has outlined the process to clear your lines of debris and air, advising residents to turn the cold water tap in their bathtubs for at least ten minutes or until the water runs clear.

During the course of their recent work in the area, the City determined that the aging nature of the water main along Alfred required replacement, an ongoing situation for many areas of the city as the city's infrastructure comes to the end of its service life.

You can read more on the City's announcement of today from the City website.

More items of interest on the City's infrastructure issues can be found on our archive page here.

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