Friday, October 14, 2016

Ardmore Chippewa pulls up to Northland Terminal for repairs

The Ardmore Chippewa is in port at the Prince Rupert Cruise Terminal
in order to complete required engine repairs

Looming over the Cow Bay area this Friday is something a little different than the summer parade of Cruise Ships that regularly call on the city's tourist area.

Crew members of the Tanker ship Ardmore Chippewa were visible from shore Friday afternoon, as work continued on some mechanical issues that have struck the vessel now berthed at the Prince Rupert Northland Cruise dock.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority has advised that the vessel arrived on the North Coast after having experienced engine trouble following its departure from the Port of Vancouver, with the Chippewa diverted to Prince Rupert for engine repairs.

To bring the vessel to Prince Rupert, the SAAM SMIT Humber tug was dispatched to escort the Chippewa safely across Hecate Strait anti into Prince Rupert harbour.

The ship, which flies under the flag of the Marshall Islands, is currently carrying a full load of canola oil (also known as vegetable oil), it's anticipated that repairs won't take very long, with the necessary parts and supplies having arrived in Prince Rupert on Thursday evening.

On occasion, vessels that call on the Port of Prince Rupert make use of the Northland Cruise Dock for necessary repairs, one of the more recent vessels to tie up just to the west of the Cow Bay Marina was the bulk carrier Amaranth which was alongside Northland Terminal in late 2015 for repairs.

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